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When we will be able to travel again, a destination personal branding photoshoot might be on your list to create images for your brand that you’ve always dreamed of. Here is how to plan the steps for your personal branding photoshoot checklist, to create on brand images. It always sounds a bit daunting to do an on location personal branding photoshoot in a city where you don’t live.

How do you would you overcome this challenge?

  • Work on the purpose of your images what are you creating images for? Social media, website, what do you want to say.

  • What are the non negotiable images that you need, make a list

  • Ideally, you will have visited the place before, remember your first impressions of the city, the places that left you in awe.

  • Pinterest to help you create a visual board based on these memories.

  • Plan your photo shoot location by location using Google street view and pair it with the outfit you’ve selected, i.e., location 1 and outfit 1,

  • Map your photo shoot with google map.

  • The day of the shoot will be much less stressful as you already know where you are going and what you are wearing.

  • Set a photo session of about 30 minutes per location,

  • use your Pinterest board for inspiration on poses and moves, be open about what happens in front and behind the camera. If you are more relaxed during your shoot, pleasant surprises will occur!

For this photo shoot in Barcelona, I had already visited Barcelona before my shoot. Marta is a personal trainer and wanted images that embrace her warm energy and her fun personality, we choose outfit and locations accordingly that she could use on her social media to invite her audience to connect with her personality.

I knew that the places I loved were Plaça del Rei for the Cuban style influence, the gothic quarter for colour tones and old stones and the beach for the vibe.

When I started to work with Marta on her photoshoot we discussed locations together, I gave her my recommendations based on what she was after; we had a stylist, and a makeup artist on board to bring Marta’s creative vision to live.

The work we did beforehand made it clear for us how the photo shoot would unfold and what she wanted to get out of it! Marta now has portraits not only speaking about who she is but also communication about what she inspires with energy, warmness and sunshine!


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On location Portraits – How to organise a photoshoot in a city you don’t live in? i.e Barcelona