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This week I want to introduce you to the idea of showing yourself more in your branding photos, I can’t stress enough that what sets you apart from other brands is YOU.

Too often, when connecting with entrepreneurs at networking events, what do I see when I visit their website? A headshot on their about page that looks more like a corporate profile. Ok, that worked when you wear part of a large company and could rely on their brand. Now that you have a personal brand, you want to show more than just a headshot. But often the headshot still prevails why?

These people are not afraid to show themselves in public, often have buoyant personalities, are engaging. But when it comes to showing up in branding photos, they feel one picture of themselves will do. How do you connect with a headshot?

I understand that stepping in front of the camera is not something that we feel comfortable with; it often feels as painful as going to the dentist, filling us with apprehension like what should I do? How do I look in front of the camera?

We tend to forget, that portraits of you on your website and social media don’t have to be bland or boring, you are not in the corporate world anymore. Use your creativity and personality to stand out in your brand.

Your personal brand photos should be inviting, engaging, tell us a little bit about what you do and your business, a plain backdrop might not be best to create engagement.

Forget about standing in front of the camera. Think of about the purpose of your images. Like starting a conversation and inviting your ideal client to connect with you, give them a glimpse of what meeting you and working with you feels.

It should feel like you’re inviting them into your workshop, boutique or office, where they can get a grasp of who you are, what your brand stands for and the experience they’re going to walk away.

You are your brand’s image, embrace all your values, aspirations and inspirations in a photoshoot that translates all of this!

Put effort into your branding photos

Consider the location, the styling, the story you want to tell. It means more than having you posing in front of the camera! Understand the value of showing yourself and having your brand stand out and reflect how unique you are!

Do all the work beforehand for you to relax on the day of the photoshoot. Being more visible will help you engage with your ideal audience and develop trust and help you grow your business.


How to Be more visible in your branding photos