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Struggling to get your business off the ground? Who said you need to do it alone? Get help from people you admire, develop relationships, and build new connections. Don’t expect overnight results-you’re in this for the long term. When we set up a business we think that we have to do it all by ourselves. The quickest way to build up your brand and business is to reach out to other small businesses in your industry so that they can refer you when they are too busy or don’t have time for a project themselves.

You might be thinking about starting up with no one but yourself behind you-but who says you have to go at it alone? Get some help from people you admire. You’ve got to build a network around your brand. Get the word out, get people talking about you, and put yourself in the public eye! This will help you grow your business and get clients.

1.Reach out to someone you admire in your field

There is power in the connections you build and how those people can help to promote your brand. If you are a business owner, find like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions, start building relationships with them. You don’t have to go straight for the top; it’s important that you build up enough of a relationship before requesting anything from someone else. Do not be too pushy, but do give people reasons why they should want to get involved with what you’re doing!

Building relationships takes time and patience–but when it pays off, the benefits are worth all of the work.

2.Be Aligned with your brand

The more aligned you are with your brand and purpose the more confident you will feel to get out there! Even the most camera-avoiding introvert, when feeling confident, can be seen getting in front of his or her audience. The more confident you are the less scared you’ll be to reach out to new influencers.

3. Be real

You are in business, and no need to hide behind corporate stance. Be you and this involves being silly so be it! People want the real you, not some tick the box personality. I understand that your in business but it’s the genuine YOU that will make you stand out of crowd and I didn’t say emulate someone else, no just be you!

4. Distribute your content

Connect with influencers by following their feeds and creating a circle of those who seem like a good match for your content. Matching your posts or content, nothing stands in the way to reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in sharing it as you think it’s a perfect fit for their audience.

5.Create a tribe

To grow your business by a thousand miles, invest in the community. There are two ways to do this, with Facebook groups or else. The first way is with Facebook groups which can help build a community of like-minded people that your brand can serve and help you keep up with what kind of problems it solves for its audience. Alternatively, you could also go out on social media platforms and look for communities related to your company’s niche—these communities will be full of interested potential customers who are looking to solve their own problems but they just don’t know how yet!

6. co-present, co-write, guest blog or podcast

Find influencers that accept guest blog posts, publish interviews of people you would like to associate with your brand, organise webinars educating your audience about your brand.

7. Tell your story

I’ve been in a ton of meetings and I can tell you that we’re all getting sick of the same old thing. It’s not just me who gets bored when people are blatantly trying to up their own profile, but everyone else too. The best speakers know how to be interesting and spark conversation with listeners. The person we listen to was the one that was telling a story, why she was doing what she does and genuine with her purpose. All the others sounded the same. It might be harsh to hear but think about your audience you’re not selling to them, they want to hear a story so put some passion and human connection out there!

8.Brand photos

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right visuals can say more than just about anything, and have an untold power to influence people. So why not take advantage of this fact? Whether you’re trying to inspire or capture the attention of potential customers, there’s no better way than with beautiful brand photos that are thoughtful, inspiring and in line with your branding.

Tell in the comment if you tried something out of the box which worked really well for you!

Rachel xx


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